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What is it?

The LoRaSniffer App is the user-interface for the LoRaSniffer Device.
The combination of both, the device and the app, is a tool for technicians and hobbyist allowing to use LoRa radio communications for testing and network maintenance.

The LoRaSniffer Device is a LoRa radio module that can use all possible features the LoRa standard offers. This app is its convenient user-interface.
It connects via BLE to the device to allow access to all its setup-parameters, receive communications from other LoRa nodes and send data via LoRa.

Using 2 coupled LoRaSniffer devices, it can provide valuable information about network quality in a real-world scenario.
The app provides a logging window with features for: formatting of received communications, additional time-stamp and the GPS location where each message was received. Each received message is tagged with “Quality of Signal” information as CRC, SNR, RSSI and carrier-frequency offset. The app allows as well to save the logged data as a visual document in HTML or as JSON protocol file.

Messages can be sent as ASCII or as binary data.
Tools allow to scan for channel activity, calculate transmission times for specific payloads or, if used with 2 devices, allow to gain real-time information to optimize LoRa networks in the field.
More, the app can be used as well to update the firmware of the LoRaSniffer device.

Suitable for TinyGS operation  433-436Mhz version

LoRa Sniffer App and Device


Additional information

Working Band

430…440, 863…870


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