EZwire Antenna 160m to 6m bands

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EZ-wire it’s an antenna with  3 versions: 16, 32 or 54m ( 50 , 100 or 177 feet )  meters* long.
Now  3D printed hipper rugged PETG Water and UV Proof
Optional radials / ground connections.
Full coverage of all HF bands from 160m to 6m.
Power 500W and 1kW versions.
Max SWR 1:3
Ground Terminal
Isolation paste Included
Covered color  Air Force gray for best sky camouflage.
EZwire works well on several configurations : Horizontal, Vertical, Sloper, L and Zig-Zag. 

EZ-wire, a  perfect antenna for limited spaced areas: Vacation, Camping, Field-day, Sota, Emergency, etc

Balun View

Wire Terminal

Optional Cable Side Passage

Side Cable Holding with Ties


-Using the best FERROXCUBE toroid Ferrites.

-Silicon Winding on toroids

– WaterProof and UV Proof Boxes.

-High Quality SO-239 Female connectors

-Flat and wide band coverage Ununs and Unus

Additional information

Wire Length

16m, 32m, 54m

Balun Power

500W, 1000W


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