Adalm-Pluto HF-Transverter (Charon)

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Shipping includes: Transverter + 2 short Sma-to-Sma cables + DC connector

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This is the new Pluto ́s companion, Charon, as the dwarf planet ́s moon.
Our Transverter will complete the missing coverage of the Pluto: the HF
With the Dxpatrol transverter, operate the HF with the Adalm-pluto will
become very easy and you can enjoy TX and RX all the spectrum from
160m up to 6m with TX power of 50mW.
The circuit is based in a IF of 80Mhz and a UP conversion into a segment
well covered by the Pluto.
So all the HF+50Mhz spectrum will be presented from 80Mhz to 130Mhz
TX/RX window.



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