EZ-wire it´s a antenna with 16 meters* long.
Optional radials / ground connections. 
Full coverage of all HF bands from 160m to 10m.
Pwr 600W, Max SWR 1:3 
Ground Terminal
Isolation paste Included
EZwire works well on several configurations : Horizontal, Vertical, Sloper, L and Zig-Zag. 
EZ-wire, a  perfect antenna for limited spaced areas: Vacation, Camping, Field-day, Sota, Emergency, etc


EZwire PDF: Download

*We have 4 models available, EZwire regular size with 16m url EZwire-XR with 32m long
The EZwire-XL with 32 m long it´s optimized for better performance on Lower bands 160/80m

        EZWire 500W  16m lengh  














     EZWIRE 1000W   16m lengh 



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    2 days transit Europe 3 days Worldwide

Length and Power