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Main Characteristics:


  • Reception frequency 10 489.500 to 10 490.000MHz

  • Transmission Frequency 2400.000 to 2400.500 MHz

  • IF Frequency 432.500 to 433.000 Mhz

  • Linear UP and Down Converter

  • GPS Lock internal 10Mhz reference

  • Maximum Output RF Power 12W

  • Maximum input RF 5W ( 500mW optimum drive)

  • Input Voltage 12V to 14V

  • Thermal > 60º C protection

  • SWR > 1:3 protection

  • High Voltage input protection

  • Satellite Strength signal indication

  • Power output Bar and Watt indication

  • SWR Bar and ratio indication

  • Internal 5A fuse protection

  • NMEA GPS indication

  • Number of GPS satellites in range

  • GPS coordinates

  • QTH Locator presentation on screen

  • UTC Clock and Date.

  • Auto TX and RX by Vox PTT

  • Easy operation.

  • No tune require from TX to RX

    Manual HERE (by Johan ON4IQ)


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LNB and GPS antenna are included!

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New Es´Hail Sat ( OSCAR-100) Uplink Converter MK4 

NEW  MK4 PCB and Boxed versions.

432MHz to 2400MHz  Low Cost Up convertor 250mW (or 12W)* all mode TX uplink to  Satellite

                                 Shipping Now!!!



  • Full lockable into a internal TCXO 10 Mhz reference or a external GPSDO

  • TX /Standby function with RF VOX*

  • Extreme accuracy and precision transmission frequency.

  • Local Oscillator has 4 factory pre-programmed frequencies for 4 IF usages. (see table)

  • Easy selection by dip switch ( s1) on board.

  • Clean and stable signal.

  • Spurious emissions = < 50dB

  • Max 200mW output 23dBm ( factory set to 80mW to drive our DXpatrol amplifier)

  • Local Oscillators uses a Analog Devices AF4351 synthesizer

  • locked into 10MHz TCXO Clipped Sine Wave Oscillator Frequencies Stability 500ppb

  • power supply 10 to 15V

  • Current consumption 300mA

  • Dimensions: 77mm/67mm

  • Connectors SMA

  • PLL Lock Green LED indication

  • TX/Standby Green/Orange LED indication *

  • RF input 1 to 3 W ( 6W absolute maximum)

  • New DC plug connection*

  • Metal case optional






Full assembled and tested.

Version MK4 Manual Please HERE for MK4 manual 

Version MK3 Manual Please HERE for MK3 manual 

Version MK2  manual Please HERE for MK2 manual

Version ONE manual-  Please HERE for full information.

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New GPSDO 2.0  from DX-Patrol now available

                                      10 000 000Hz GPSDO Reference from DXPatrol

A low cost GPSDO developed for the most rigorous  and demanding microwave enthusiasts.

  • New Oled Display data presentation

  • Ultra High accurate UTC Clock

  • Local GPS coordinates presentation

  • Number of satellites in range

  • Wait / Lock indication.

  • GPS, Galileu, Glonass receiver

 MANUAL  here. 


Price 160€ Freeshipping
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GPSDO Low cost version also available 


  • GPS, Galileu, Glonass receiver ( antenna included w/ 4m cable) 
  • 3 Outputs 10MHz 1.5vpp ~ 7dBm
  • Duty cycle 50%
  • Phase Noise @ 1Hz -80dBc/Hz
  • Phase Noise @ 10Hz -120dBc/Hz
  • Phase Noise @ 1KHz -145dBc/Hz
  • Phase Noise @ 10KHz – 150dBc/Hz
  • Second harmonic < 51dBs
  • Third harmonic < 56dBs
  • Turn ON time ~ 5 minutes
  • Working Temperature range 0ºC to 75ºC
  • Operating Temperature ~50º C (OCXO)
  • Supply voltage 8V to 14V
  • Current 600mA first minute, 270mA after lock
  • Dimensions metal case : 84mm / 71mm / 25mm


Manual Here 

Price 120€   Freeshipping 

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NEW PCfree QO-100 DownConverter


New QO-100 DownConverter from DX-Patrol now available
Listen for QO100 PC Free 


Model Blue Issued after 20-October-2019: 28.550Mhz, 144.550Mhz, 432.550Mhz, 1296,550Mhz ( lower beacon Frequency)

Modified LNB Included*



1- Input voltage 12V to 18V ( LBN polarization mode)
2- Internal 10Mhz Reference TCXO 0,5PPM
3- External 10MHz GPSDO Input optional*
4- PLL lock LED indication
5- Internal RX pre-amplifier 12dB gain
6- RX gain adjust
7- Output IF RF protection
8- Four possible IF reception conversion selectable 
9- Aluminium box 
10- F- TV cable connectors
11- SMA IF and 10Mhz input connectors
12- DC voltage input connector ( ground on shield) 
13- Extremely accurate and stable reception from QO-100
14- Easy operation PC free
15- Loud and clear reception on radio speaker
16- Ready modified LNB included.

Model Blue Issued after 20-October-2019: 28.550Mhz, 144.550Mhz, 432.550Mhz, 1296,550Mhz ( lower beacon Frequency)




Full Manual HERE 

RX SET: Downconverter from DX-Patrol Only 180€ all included! 
LNB + Downconverter + F connectors
Ready RX station for QO-100 PC FREE



12W 2400MHz QO-100  Amplifier


                                      NEW 2400MHz QO-100 Amplifier

                                    Now with Rugged Aluminium Box,

                                   VOX PTT and PWR/SWR readings !


  • LDMos , rugged amplifier with aluminium box

  • NXP  MHT1008NT1  RF amplifier 

  • Designed for DXpatrol Upconverter as driver.

  • Input  > 70mW 

  • Output 12W*  (5W if 12V supply) 

  • Voltage 28V ( 12V to 28V stepUP converter included)

  • Bias current 600mA

  • Max current 1,5A

  • TX-Ground PTT

  • Vox PTT

  • SMA connectors

  • Feed Trough capacitors

  • SWR and POWER meter indication.

  • SWR- Input 1:1.3 @ 50 Ohms

  • Max VSWR output – 5:1

  • Operating Temperature- 40ºC to 80ºC Max Temperature- 150ºC

  • LDMOS- MHT1008NT1

  • Driver- RF2126

  • PWR meter DC 0V to 4V ( full power )

  • SWR meter DC 1.5V@ SWR 1:1 /~/ 4V @ SWR Ꝏ




  TEC Manual HERE 











12W Amplifier- RF Pallet on a 10mm Heat Spreader  ( discuntinued  )




LDMos , rugged amplifier with heat spreader 
NXP MHT1008NT1 RF amplifier 
Designed for DXpatrol Upconverter as driver.
Input 70mW 
Output 12W*  (5W if 12V supply) 
Voltage 28V ( 12V to 28V stepUP converter included)
Bias current 600mA
Max current 1,5A
TX-Ground PTT
SMA connectores
10mm aluminium spreader
SWR meter DC 1.5V@ SWR 1:1 /~/ 4V @ SWR Ꝏ
PWR meter DC 0V to 4V ( full power )



*12W with more than a 1mØ dish can trigger LEILA very easy.

If so, Reduce input Power or Supply amp with 12V for a 5W Output

Free Shipping worldwide now for 150€ 

StepUP 150W 12V to 28V converter included

Quick SETUP 





Phase locked External Reference for 10GHz Satellite LNB’s




RX SET from DX-Patrol Only 99€ all included! 
LNB + PLL reference + Bias-T+ F connectors
Ready RX station for QO-100. 

 Full Manual and Info Here

ALL Included 




Ultra Low Current Bird 43 Peak Meter by DX-Patrol

Fully assembled and Tested.

This new board adaptor for the Bird 43 Wattmeter will read the peak power from your radio/amp with accurate reading and a full needle adjustments with 2 potentiometers.

This new design, using a ultra low current Op Amp, 600nA, and a ultra low current LED* flashing 6uA will drain from battery even lower current than the natural intrinsic discharge of batteries.

Led flash 10 mili-seconds every 2 seconds*

How often you try to use your Bird 43 and it's out of batteries?

Well, this circuit will work more than 3 years continuous operation with same batteries. No more worry about forget Peak Metter ON.


Adjustment must be done with a steady CW carrier wile adjust RV1 to have same reading with Peak ON and Peak OFF

Then, adjust RV2 to set the needle decrease time at your wish.

Available for shipping price 49€ :