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New Es´Hail Sat ( OSCAR-100) Uplink Converter MK3 

We have again large stock MK3 PCB and Boxed versions.

432MHz to 2400MHz  Low Cost Up convertor 250mW (or 12W)* all mode TX uplink to  Satellite

Shipping Now!!!





  • Full lockable into a internal TCXO 10 Mhz reference or a external GPSDO

  • Extreme accuracy and precision transmission frequency.

  • Local Oscillator has 4 factory pre-programmed frequencies for 4 IF usages. (see manual)

  • Easy selection by dip switch ( s1) on board. 28MHz, 144MHz, 432MHz, 1296Mhz IFs

  • Clean and stable signal.

  • Spurious emissions = < 50dB

  • 250mW output ( 24dBm )

  • Local Oscillators uses a Analog Devices AF4351 synthesizer

  • locked into 10MHz TCXO Sine Wave Oscillator Frequency Stability 0.5PPM

  • power supply 10 to 15V

  • Current consumption 300mA

  • Dimensions: 77mm/67mm

  • Connectors SMA

  • PLL Lock red LED indication

  • IF power input 1 to 3 W  adjustable ( 6W absolute maximum)

  • metal housing box option

  • * with our 12W amplifier  ( scroll down) 


Full assembled and tested.

Version MK3 Manual Please HERE for MK3 manual 

Version MK2  manual Please HERE for MK2 manual

Version ONE manual-  Please HERE for full information.


housing and shipping option



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NEW PCfree QO-100 DownConverter


New QO-100 DownConverter from DX-Patrol now available
Listen for QO100 PC Free 


Model Blue Issued after 20-October-2019: 28.550Mhz, 144.550Mhz, 432.550Mhz, 1296,550Mhz ( lower beacon Frequency)

Modified LNB Included*



1- Input voltage 12V to 18V ( LBN polarization mode)
2- Internal 10Mhz Reference TCXO 0,5PPM
3- External 10MHz GPSDO Input optional*
4- PLL lock LED indication
5- Internal RX pre-amplifier 12dB gain
6- RX gain adjust
7- Output IF RF protection
8- Four possible IF reception conversion selectable 
9- Aluminium box 
10- F- TV cable connectors
11- SMA IF and 10Mhz input connectors
12- DC voltage input connector ( ground on shield) 
13- Extremely accurate and stable reception from QO-100
14- Easy operation PC free
15- Loud and clear reception on radio speaker
16- Ready modified LNB included.

Model Blue Issued after 20-October-2019: 28.550Mhz, 144.550Mhz, 432.550Mhz, 1296,550Mhz ( lower beacon Frequency)




Full Manual HERE 

RX SET: Downconverter from DX-Patrol Only 180€ all included! 
LNB + Downconverter + F connectors
Ready RX station for QO-100 PC FREE




12W 2400MHz QO-100  Amplifier



LDMos , rugged amplifier with heat spreader 
NXP MHT1008NT1 RF amplifier 
Designed for DXpatrol Upconverter as driver.
Input 50mW 
Output 12W*  (5W if 12V supply) 
Voltage 28V ( 12V to 28V stepUP converter included)
Bias current 600mA
Max current 1,5A
TX-Ground PTT
SMA connectores
10mm aluminium spreader


*12W with more than a 1mØ dish can trigger LEILA very easy.

If so, Reduce input Power or Supply amp with 12V for a 5W Output

Free Shipping worldwide now for 150€ 

StepUP 150W 12V to 28V converter included

Quick SETUP 






Phase locked External Reference for 10GHz Satellite LNB’s




RX SET from DX-Patrol Only 99€ all included! 
LNB + PLL reference + Bias-T+ F connectors
Ready RX station for QO-100. 

 Full Manual and Info Here

ALL Included