Reception frequency 10 489.500 to 10 490.000MHz
Transmission Frequency 2400.000 to 2400.500 MHz
IF Frequency 432.500 to 433.000 Mhz
Linear UP and Down Converter
GPS Lock internal 10Mhz reference
Maximum Output RF Power 12W
Maximum input RF 5W ( 500mW optimum drive)
Input Voltage 12V to 14V
Thermal > 60º C protection
SWR > 1:3 protection
High Voltage input protection
Satellite Strength signal indication
Power output Bar and Watt indication
SWR Bar and ratio indication
Internal 5A fuse protection
NMEA GPS indication
Number of GPS satellites in range
GPS coordinates
QTH Locator presentation on screen
UTC Clock and Date

Auto TX and RX by Vox PTT
Easy operation.
No tune require from TX to RX

New product online

New GPSDO 2.0 

developed for the most rigorous
and demanding microwave enthusiasts.


  • New Oled Display data presentation

  • Ultra High accurate UTC Clock

  • Local GPS coordinates presentation

  • Number of satellites in range

  • Wait / Lock indication.


DXpatrol  by Gadgetpriority electronics
Parque Tecnologico de Óbidos
Edificios Centrais, Espaço 1
2510-216 Óbidos

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